Teddy's win picture from St. Clairsville KC, St. Clairsville Ohio  Judge William Sahoff


Teddy completed his Intl Championship going Best of breed puppy under judges Dr. Steve Keating and Mr. Mike Loller at the 2009 Great Lakes Sieger going on to Win Best Puppy in Show and Best Bred-By puppy in show in both the shows entered under the above judges and Ms. Juliann Kowalsky and Mr. Dana Cline.  It was a really exciting weekend!

Teddy going Winners Dog for a 3 point major at Wolverine Great Dane Club Specialty under Judge Mr. Robert Layne.

Best in Sweepstakes At Wolverine Great Dane Club Specialty 07/03/2009 Judge Ms. Linda Moriarty.

Teddy's first AKC point going Winners Dog and Best of Winners under Dr. Gerard Penta at Bushy Run Kennel Club 06/27/2009.




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